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Everyone's seen the commercials. The gradual, nonetheless impressively dramatic stages of weight loss the curvy sex kitten icon Anna Nicole Smith dropped purportedly from taking Trimspa - for a long while. Some naysayers argue that Ms. Smith had gastric bypass surgery, drastic liposuction or other plastic surgery to achieve such a huge weight loss in a short period without getting the sagging, loose skin that often goes with fast weight loss.

First, let me say, I have tried Trimspa a few times, and I generally like the way it cuts down my appetite and gives me an energy boost. But do I believe it can be solely responsible for such a drastic weight loss as Anna Nicole Smith, or any other individual who may be considered obese? I'm not so sure.

Now, couple a weight loss and appetite suppressant such as Trimspa with professional personal trainers and dietitians, or for us "normal" folks, just good old fashioned discipline and you've got yourself a winning weightloss combination. Anna Nicole was probably put on a strict diet and exercise regimen, along with Trimspa in order to shed so many pounds so fast.

Sure, Trimspa undoubtedly helped to suppress her appetite and give her an edge, but I don't think anyone is naive enough to think Trimspa alone was responsible for her dramatic transformation.

So, What Ingredients Does Trimspa Contain?

1. Hoodia Gordonii - A native African cactus-like plant, which is now more widely advertised as a diet aid. Trimspa was actually the first to use this plant extract in a commercial weight loss formula. Hoodia Gordonii is most well known for it's abilities to suppress the appetite.

2. Glucosamine - This natural compound is supposed to prolong the amount of time glucose remains in the blood stream. In other words, it helps stabilize blood sugar levels, which also stabilizes the appetite.

3. Green Tea Extract - Green Tea is supposed to have thermogenic (accelerated fat and calorie burning) capabilities, as well as sustain higher energy levels and help to eliminate free radicals.

4. Vanadium - Another natural compound which aids in appetite suppression.

5. Chromium - Another nutrient which helps stabilize blood sugar and control carb cravings.

6. Glucomannan - A natural root extract which purportedly helps to aid in feelings of fullness by acting essentially as a fiber "filler" in the stomach.

7. Citrus Naringen - Curbs appetite.

8. Theobromine - Acts as a mild diuretic (rids the body of excess water retention). Believe it or not, some different types of chocolate contain this organic compound also.

As you can see, Trimspa seems to have a pretty powerful combination of natural weight loss ingredients. And it does work well - for a while. But be warned, the effects do wear off after a while, and your appetite does return. I think the key to permanent weight loss and consistent weight maintenance lies in finding the right balance of foods that you enjoy which naturally lends themselves to a healthy weight.

So, did Anna Nicole really lose it all through hard work, determination and a financial incentive from the folks at Trimspa, or did she have some help from doctors? I'm afraid we'll never know the real story, but it sure is fun to speculate!

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