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To see if The PayDay Diet is right for you, please answer the following questions.

1. Would you agree that the reason Diets Fail is not because of the Diet, but because of Lack of WillPower?

2. Would you agree that most everyone knows HOW to lose weight?

3. Are you more likely to stick to a diet if you have something motivating you, like a trip, or reunion or wedding?

4. Do you think if properly motivated you could lose 1-2 Pounds Per Week?

5. When you first start a Diet are you willing to do just about anything to succeed?


Did You Answer YES to All the Above… If so, you can Succeed on The PAYDAY Diet.

When I tell you how the Diet works, you’re going to be surprised… but you’ll also know instantly I’m on to something.

There are a few ways to do the Diet… you just need to choose the right motivation for you.


I use to work part-time for my Father’s Law Firm and he was on me to lose weight… So what did I do?

I made a contract with him that I would lose ONE POUND by each PayDay…OR…. he keeps my PayCheck until I do.

I got paid every Wednesday… The following Wednesday I had to be ONE POUND lighter than the prior Wednesday… OR he holds my check until the next PayDay… and by then I have to be TWO POUNDS lighter.

It’s Cumulative, I had to Lose 4 Pounds Each Month. If I didn’t, I didn’t get Paid.

The Contract was Over When I Reached My Goal Weight of 215 Pounds!

What Does This Take? It takes 5 Minutes of WillPower to Make The Deal.. Once you do.. The Motivation Never Fades!!!

If you don’t have a close relationship with your Employer, or an Employer than there’s lots of other ways to make PAYDAY Diet Work For You.


Make the Contract with your Spouse or Roommate and Have Them Hold Your PayChecks or something very precious to you.


If you have a Gym Membership ask the Gym Manager or someone you trust at the Gym to Help You. Put 4 Crisp 100 Bills into an envelope and write four goal weights for the next four months on the envelope..

As you hit the goal weights, get the Person to give you $100 bill for each goal. Buy some merchandise from the Gym as a thank you.. Many More Motivation Examples Coming… Our Members will have lots of ideas..


WWW not only stands for World Wide Web, but there’s an old movie called “It’s a Wide, Wide World”, and it’s a fact that Millions of us our getting Wider every year…

Coincidentally, I call my own personal plan to kickstart a healthier lifestyle the WWW Plan.

These are just simple things that should enable you to lose 1-2 Pounds a week… If you’re online you see WWW Constantly and it will help remind you to do these things.

[W = Water] Drink at least eight glasses of Water a day!

It will do the following: regulates your appetite, increases your metabolism, boost your energy levels, alleviates some headaches, helps to reduce blood pressure and high cholesterol, eases joint pain, releases toxic waste products, improves skin and much more.

[W = Walking]

Start Walking - Try to Average 15 to 30 Minutes a Day. Try to build up to a brisk pace over time. Walking burns calories, increases your metabolism, increases blood flow and circulation, improves your sleep.

[W = Weights]

Get Some light hand weights, 3-10 Pounds. Keep them next to computer or favorite TV Chair and during commercials or work breaks do a variety of exercises with them.. You know what to do… Bring the 3 Pounders on a walk with you and see what a difference it makes.

[W = WillPower] Lack of WillPower is why diets Fail….

Think of how easy it is to lose weight for a Trip, Wedding, or Reunion…. Do the PAYDAY Diet and you’ll have that same WillPower feeling you have when you diet for those occasions.

[W = Wake Up Early] Getting Up Earlier enables you to Burn More Calories Throughout the Day!

Wake up Early and go for a Walk for 21 Days and you might just make it a LifeTime Habit!

The PayDay Diet is really about finding the right motivation to stick to a diet and exercise plan. We all know how easy it is to lose weight when properly motivated. Find your motivation and you'll be much more successful at losing weight.

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